Start Up Special 1Things to do during your free hours to make extra income.

Make income free hours

Everyone makes money during the hours they work but how about making money while you sleep? Yes, it’s possible, it’s tough but then who wants to buy a luxury car doing easy things? Let’s leave this for the “Lucky” person who just won a lottery. In our case, let’s hustle and struggle now to make our future better and worth living.

First of all, let’s understand the title of this blog, it’s divided into two parts:

(1) What can you do during your free hours to generate extra income. How to do this and why it should be done?

(2) Generate income while you sleep (A start part): How to make sure that your account keeps on filling with funds while you are sleeping. Or for that matter while you are enjoying time with your family or watching a movie.

Let’s deconstruct – Things to do during your free hours to make extra income:

We can’t ignore the fact that money is the fuel we need to ignite the fire of dreams that we have in ourselves. Let’s also accept the fact that the more we have the better we are to focus on the things that we deeply desire rather than the things that are just our basic needs. Between all these facts there is one more small fact that we need to notice is that – No matter how much we have we don’t get enough of it;-p

And what’s wrong with that? Who wants to live life in poverty struggling for others (read: Boss) and helping them to make money and ignoring our dreams and desires.

So how can you make “this” extra income and how can you sustain it into a successful business so you can make money while you sleep…

How to do this? The only thing that differentiates you from others is the way you develop your skills. Your skills might be the same as others but the way your nurture them is what takes you on a different journey from others. The best way to generate extra income is to:

1) Sell your skills:

You are talented. There is nothing unusual about this – It’s a fact. If you don’t believe it then your confidence is at stake but remember this – Everyone has that one skill in which they excel better than others. It comes easily to you as compared to others. You might say “I don’t have any skills”

Let me be blunt: You have not reached the stage where you can notice this. You are ignoring the gold mine that lies within you.

Find your passion and see where it directs you.

Find – What are you ready to do for the sake of doing without a deal for the money.

Do you like numbers? Then don’t ignore the voice of the accountant or a Maths teacher shouting inside you.

Do you like to eat the right food at the right times cooked in the right manner? A foodie is waiting to be discovered.

Have you struggled a lot in life? – Let’s mix the struggle of your life with the right knowledge and right solution and see if a mentor is about to be born inside you?

Are you blunt enough to comment on your friend’s dressing sense with the knowledge you have? Fashion designing is your game.

All you have to do is find a skill that you have inside you and start nurturing it. Don’t worry about learning – You have thousands of options online to teach you what you want to learn. Remember this is a rare case of learning quality work for skilled experts for free.

Everyone has that one skill that needs the right nurturing and grooming to turn it into the passion and then the profession. Find that and a half job is done.

2) Promote your skills:

People don’t dream of your success neither do they spend time thinking about you what you might be good at. It’s you who knows this and it’s you who will shout out loud to let the world know. Spread the word among your friends that you are ready to do a job for lesser money than others. Results are results. Few people make a better-looking website for lesser money than others. Don’t ignore the quality of the work but charge less to get known. Tell this to people who trust you. Spread the word online and offline. Get a visiting card, click a snap and broadcast through Whatsapp and Skype. It’s a two-way game – You are waiting to be discovered and people are waiting to discover you.

3) Create a brand:

You are talented but don’t have a Facebook page? You are surely not in the market yet. People, who know you are ready to work with you but then they are “Friends turned into clients” what about turning “clients into friends?”

Get an official page for your services on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Promote your business. Be clear about what you are going to offer and why it’s the best thing in the market. Shout again. This time is much louder because people who don’t know you should also hear what you want to say. Sell offers and discounts. Show your client’s testimonials and feedbacks. Give them enough time to think and they will come back. A sensible brain will never ignore a better deal with discounted rates and desired results. Crack a deal for more discount in return for word of mouth publicity and for spreading the word about you and your work.

Congratulations! You are now in the market. Your job is paying your bills and your passion is all set to turn into an enterprise. Keep the ball rolling!

Types of skills you can sell:

1) Cooking – Bakery and other products 2) Accounts 3) Teaching 4) Digital Marketing and Social media posting 5) Content Writing 6) Website Designing and Logo Designing 7) App designing and marketing And much more!

Is it important to generate extra income?

Yes, super important. Why? Let’s check this out:

1) 9 to 5 jobs will give you money to pay your bills but you will end up doing something that you might not like. Here if you do something based on your skills chances are good that you will make more money than your regular job at the fastest pace. Moreover, the growth will be easy and the future path will be well designed.

2) Extra income will give you the freedom to pursue your dreams and passion. You are not dependent on anyone for holidays and advance payment. You are capable of doing your best and the best part is – that you are great at it.

3) Who doesn’t need extra income? We dream of the luxurious life that 9 to 5 can’t buy for us. Working a few hours extra won’t get you Lamborghini but it’s a start. Follow the path and eventually, you will come up with an enterprise that has helped you to grow immensely in your financial and personal life.

And the best part – How to generate this while you are sleeping or enjoying your life? Math is funny but real. Earning $100 / hour is not a big deal but if you want to make $2400 / day then surely it’s a big deal. Though by calculation we all know that we have to work 24 hours and we can make $2400 / day (remember Math is funny and looks easy) but in reality, it’s not possible. You will surely not work 24 hours a day to make money. It’s good to make income by doing hard work but then the invitation to death is also printed in a faster manner. You need to find a way to generate income while you are sleeping.

You may ask – Even this is possible?

Of course, it is – Ecommerce tycoons don’t stay awake to sell you Diapers and Cell phones. YouTubers don’t record videos throughout 24 hours and Bloggers surely don’t email you every hour to read their blogs. While you are busy shopping for the product or services online and offline the founders are giving time to the things they ignored during their struggling days. That’s what we call entrepreneurship right?

But how to do this? Let’s crack this:

Everything that you are good at can be sold online. Going digital is not only a feasible option to grow your business but also the future of your business. In a very rare case, your physical presence is a need, things that you have to do offline for example car repairing. But again you need to have the physical presence to repair a car but an online presence is enough to let the world know that you know about cars better than others. Other people know from what they have learned but in your case knowledge is ignited by passion. It makes a huge difference – Others will work as a mechanic and you will hire them like a Boss!

Multiple options can arise here – Blogging about car parts. YouTubing car repair course and tips. Consulting online to buyers and sellers for the right price and right information etc. Thousands will arise you have to be creative and innovative to work on this.

How to do this:

Simple. Get everything automated. Set up a website (WordPress is the best and cost-effective option – also the best option for someone starting up like this). Let the world know that what you can do and how to get in touch with you. Display your pricing options and modes of communication email, phone, etc. along with the payment modes. You will have to be creative enough to get things done but this is just a basis for anything that needs growth. Selling business and making money is easy when you are a blogger or a YouTuber or maybe an e-commerce store owner who can sell their products in an automated way.

Answering questions related to the industry and blogging about it is an awesome option. Sell everything online – Fashion, Accounts, everything. The flow of online projects is much better as compared to offline. More work means a bigger team. Hire trustworthy freelancers to take care of your small projects. Let them turn into a big one and then hire a team. That’s how you grow. That’s how people have grown from 9-5 to millionaire entrepreneurs. Probably that’s the only way to grow.

But the game doesn’t stop here, this is just a start. It grows more from here. Creativity mix with passion is the fuel here.