Swift Read: on a right track in your entrepreneurial journey?

Swift read

Here are the swift notes and words that you will have to read and re-read, understand, learn, unlearn and relearn to know how swift you are on a right track in your entrepreneurial journey.

Let me tell you – You might be a talented, skilled and hard worker but it won’t take you anywhere if you are connected to below-mentioned points directly or indirectly.

1) Procrastination:

You are blocked if you avoid your work for tomorrow. Remember there is nothing known as tomorrow if just today – it’s now or never. Don’t call yourself an entrepreneur if you are a procrastinator.

2) Money Minded:

Yes, an entrepreneur needs to make money but not chase them. Stay and look back. You have lost the time while chasing money. Stop now and let money chase you. Entrepreneurs make money as its need for the company not to satisfy their greed.

3) Lack of Passion:

Connecting everything to passion is a trend nowadays and social media has taken this fad a long way. Understand if you are passionate about something that verifies its passion or mere attraction. Don’t mistake your attraction for passion. You will fall back badly.

4) Sloggers:

If hard working is a thing of entrepreneurship then you are in a wrong direction. Entrepreneurs are smart and creative workers and not a slogger. Spending extra hours won’t give you growth, doing more in fewer hours is want puts your name on the list of entrepreneurs.

5) Lack of Passive Income:

Entrepreneurs know how to make passive income. Be it side business or actual business generating extra income while they are sleeping. It could be investments as well. Anything and everything that generates extra income is a great start to be titled yourself as an Entrepreneur.

6) Not a Learner:

If you are the smartest guy in the room then you are in a wrong room

Entrepreneurs learn, unlearn and relearn. Everything they know is always in use and they are always in search of something new that they can use wisely. Remember they are not information collector, they are learners, and they are entrepreneurs.

7) Not a Growth Hacker:

You are stuck then you need to find a way out, period. Doesn’t matter what needs to be done and how to do but you need to do. Entrepreneurs know the way out for sure. They believe in getting things done in the best possible way using their creativity. Results are bound to go against them as well but remember – they know the way out in this case as well.

8) Result Oriented:

Entrepreneurs are not result oriented they are process oriented. It’s not about getting results it’s about getting it in a right way as per the situation demands. This is a long-term process and they abide by it.

9) Lack of Vision:

You get everything but you don’t know where to head next will surely not put your name on the list of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs might not have an instant answer to their current problems but they surely know the direction where they are heading.

10) Excuse Friendly:

You love excuse and entrepreneurship don’t love you. Period.