Awesome ways to spend your Christmas time! Happiness Guaranteed!

OK! So we all know that Christmas is around the corner compiled with excitement, mixed with holidays planning and whatnot. That’s the constant way to spend Christmas or maybe that’s what most of us do.

Holidays to Europe, Italy, Paris, etc. are always on our wish list. All play and no work can make your mind dull but when it’s Christmas it’s worth it!

We had a long discussion with our team at Task Papa ( to discuss the holidays. Different people from different backgrounds came up with different inputs however few people shined in giving suggestions.

Suggestions are not based on the robotic routine that everyone does during Christmas. Something new. A bit different. Anything where happiness is guaranteed. Yes, Guaranteed. Not the material one but an emotional one. Something that stays with you for the long term. Maybe stays with you forever.

Where happiness means helping other people to celebrate their Christmas time. When happiness means bringing a smile to another person’s face. And when happiness means ignoring the costliest thing you have in your “To Buy” list and spending something that is much costlier than that.


The most costly thing since the birth of humanity.

How about spending this stuff called TIME on the other people?

Remember the best part of spending time is that it comes back to you in the form of experience that stays with you forever. An experience that changes you and an experience that makes you better than what you are today.


With your parents: Remember they are not physically strong enough to enjoy holidays with you. They are old, but this festival belongs to them as well. Don’t ignore them. You exist because of them. Sit along with your kids when you spend time with your parents. Let them learn what you are doing. Set an example for your kids. This will surely come back when you are too old to enjoy holidays.

With people at Orphanage: Go to multiple Orphanages and old age homes. See how they spend their vacations. The same routine, with no one to see them like always. People give them money, but no one wants to spend 5 minutes talking to them. Listening to them. You be the one and see the difference you make in their life.

With your employees: Accept this, they have given a tremendous contribution towards your company’s success. Don’t ignore them. Gifts and holidays are good but talk to them and let them know how beautiful your year has gone due to them. See the magic and feel glad about your efforts.

I don’t mean that you ignore your holidays. Enjoy that too, however, it’s time to do something different. Break the routine and make others break theirs. Think beyond your regular stuff. 3-4 hours won’t matter much however will surely matter to those with whom you spend your time.

Oh yeah like informed before even you will be benefited:-p

Try it and see the experience yourself. Feel the magic in your veins. Let this be drilled in your blood. Move.

A smile on their face will surely illuminate the Christmas tree of your life.

With this, I Pearl Sequeira wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year on behalf of our complete team at Task Papa (

Thanks to our Founders, Employees, tenured Clients, and new clients who have made this journey possible for 2015.

The ball for 2016 starts rolling….

MERRY CHRISTMAS!                                                    

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!