Employee Grooming and Nurturing at Task Papa

Clients employees?




2016 has given a great start to Task Papa. New contracts, new recruitments, and new clients with a new set of questions that we don’t hear often.

I had a great opportunity talking to Marshall, a potential client from Atlanta, GA. His knowledge about the industry was equal to anyone else who is a pioneer in the industry. Signing up with Task Papa is on his to-do list for next week and we would love to be associated with clients like him. People do call us on our toll-free and ask us different types of questions before they sign up with us and Marshall was no different. But then he asked one question to us that we never heard before from any of our potential clients and the question was:

How do you groom your employees?

Awesome question!

We explained to him how we take care of our employees and how we nurture them. This also allowed me to blog about the same online. Chances are good that people around the world would like to know how we take care of our team members. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for us to show the world our employee nurturing system and at the same time, we can ask them how we can improve on this. Your feedback will surely be taken into consideration and would love to apply them to our daily operations for our betterment, for the betterment of the industry, and above all for the betterment of our employees.

So how Task Papa takes care of their employees and how do they nurture them?

Let’s not talk about medical insurance or monthly leaves. That sounds so traditional and usual. Hiring an employee is two-way communication. Firstly we need a good employee hence, we recruit and secondly, the employee needs a good company hence they join. They join us with hope, expectations, and growth and we respect their decision. It becomes our responsibility to care for them and help them to achieve their dreams.

Few things that we religiously follow to nurture them and groom them is:

1) Monthly Grooming Sessions:

The quest for knowledge is what keeps everyone in the learning zone. Learning leads to grooming which ultimately leads to growth. At the end of every month, we organize a session that includes academic activities like debate, group discussion as well as creative activities like gameplay, one-act plays, etc. We thoroughly believe that a rigid mind is an obstacle to new knowledge. Activities like such open the door to a new set of knowledge and give new refreshing perceptions to team members. Positive changes are noted immediately and team members are more confident than before. Zeal to do better than others keeps their nature competitive which ultimately leads to better performance and productivity. Remember, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

2) Quarterly Seminars:

People of different experiences are invited to seminars as a speaker. Task Papa is not a big venture and we have a team of only 45+ employees so far. Learning from every team member is surely a good deal but not long-lasting. A mentor is needed to broaden the horizon of thoughts that has piled up for a long time.

Speakers from the world of Entrepreneurship, Image building, Personality development, and other areas are part of this session. This helps an employee to understand the client’s views and mentality easily. After this exposure employees can give inputs to the client’s work (only if needed) which ultimately helps the client’s business to grow. New ideas are shared with clients easily and an employee becomes proactive when it comes to making decisions on behalf of clients. A quarterly report is designed to check the progress and to make sure that growth is unstoppable.

3) Half Yearly Training for different expertise:

We provide training to employees every 6 months for a different expertise. This is not by our choice however by team member’s choice. Many times an employee realizes that his true calling is not for regular work, however, it lies in designing and graphics or sales.

Task Papa has a team of 45+ employees who are from different backgrounds like designing, accounts, web developing, MBA’s, finance, software experts, etc. We truly understand that following your passion is the first step towards success and we support our employees for that. They are free to learn the things they like and design their own forte. This support leads to awesome growth mentally for the team members. A small thing that we noted is that an employee doing something that he/she loves is the surest way to better productivity. Research supports this. And most of all the best part is that our clients are happy with our work. Everyone is happy, growth is guaranteed.

4) Yearly Appraisals:

This sounds a bit common and it’s an industry rule to appraise an employee once a year. Indian industry follows a rule of approximately 10% – 30% and Task Papa is no different in this case. However, what makes us different from the rest of them is that we support them to pursue their dreams. They become part of higher management on a rotational basis and help the team with their inputs and suggestions. This gives them exposure to a different world altogether and brings them closer to their dreams by one step.

Nurturing and grooming an employee is an essential part of any business. Employees are the foundation of the company and are responsible for making your clients happy. Task Papa appeals to every organization to make sure that their employees are happy. This is probably one of the best ways to make success follow you.


Priya Garg,

Manager – HR,

Task Papa