How to get clients organically for your business

Clients organically

How to get clients organically for your business. Getting clients for your business organically is tough. Unfortunately, it’s an ongoing task. It’s easy to acquire clients when you have finance as a backup but tough when you have no money or very little money.

Here is how Task Papa managed to get clients organically during our initial days of the venture. And it takes time, but a well-played strategy will take you closer to your target in a faster way.

Things to do:

1)    Have a company website:

A simple HTML website will work for a start. A domain name and a website for a year won’t cost you much. This is important and your first online identity in the digital world. A website is an online catalog that tells your visitors about your company, your team, and your products. It also informs about your mission statements and long-term vision on where your company is right now and where your company is heading towards. Make sure your website is clean and decent-looking. It doesn’t have to be fancy or a sales material, however, it should give a clear and decent look to the visitors. Add contact number and address in bold. People remember address close to their house or phone number similar to their area code. Buy a vanity number if possible. It’s not mandatory however an added advantage and won’t cost you much.

2)    Create a social media account for your company:

Create a company page on Facebook, a company account on Twitter, and a company page on Linked In. There are various other social media sites however these 3 of them lead the market as of now. This will act as the best source for you to collect organic leads and the best part is, it’s free. Post relevant content related to your business. Giveaways, offers, what your company is doing, and why you are the best in the market. What commitments and guarantee you are ready to offer to the customers and include the trial period if possible. Add images and infographics for visual appeal. Create creative contents that force them to retweet, share, and like your posts. This will lead to more subscribers from their network. This is how the ball starts rolling on social media.

3)    Email Marketing:

Your company will need to do email marketing for the opt-in leads. Everything you want to share and say will have its limitations on social media however not on email. You can add an endless number of contents to email. Draft the best contents for your to be prospects. Explain the offers here again and add the direct contact number of your sales manager. Be prompt in replying to the email if anyone has a query or concerns. People are fast in making decisions if they get a prompt reply. They trust your service and appreciate the professionalism.

Keep sending emails with your offers and contents, however, make sure you send only a mail or two in a week. These people are your subscribers and already showing interest in your services however they won’t like to be bothered every day of the week. Keep it less in quantity and more in quality.

4)    Write Blogs:

Contents are king. Add blogs to your website and keep your blog page updated. A blog or two in a week will work wonders. Select a topic that is less generic and unique. Make it informational, educational, and creative. Do a small research on keywords related to your topic using Google Keywords Tool and add the same in your blogs. This will help in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will help your site to get a top rank or at least on the first page rank on Google. Keep your blog small to medium in size, clean and clear, and add an image to the blog. Share this blog on social media to drive traffic to your website. Keep this page updated with new and latest trends or unique but informative topics like those discussed.

5)    Invest in Google Ads:

This is a simple process to do and can be done with fewer investments (like $5/day). It won’t cost you much, however, chances are good you will be noticed and recognized whenever someone searches for a service similar to yours. Google Ad is simple to use however make sure you learn it before and then post your ad online. You don’t want to waste money on something that is not perfect and up to the mark. Follow bloggers like Neil Patel or Google Ad tutorials to know how to create an ad. Once again this is a simple process and won’t need technical skills however it’s worth trying as it will give you few leads and some conversions.

6)    Network:

This is an old and the most trustworthy method of getting known. Attend all the networking events around your area. Design a simple and informative business card that you can use to share with the people whom to meet at the event. Normally events are free from the sponsors and won’t cost you much. Make sure you ask for a business card from the people whom you meet at the event. Ask genuine questions and try to know more about their business and company. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. You never know you might strike gold in the future from these people in terms of Sales or Collaboration.

Getting clients for your business organically is very much possible but it needs an eye that is constantly looking for opportunities. So it will take time, however, results are guaranteed if the above-mentioned methods are used correctly and wisely.

Task Papa wishes you good luck and may you do great business and help make this world a better place to live in!