Happiness is when your client is so satisfied that he decides to join your team

Happiness is when your client is so satisfied

Task Papa has worked with a lot of businesses and homeowners in the United States to help them accomplish a huge variety of different tasks.

Task Papa has actually helped me accomplish so many things in my professional career that I even decided to help them by joining their marketing team. To help introduce them to friends and professional colleagues across the country. I came across Task Papa while promoting a non-for-profit, CONNECTINGwithLove.com that I am involved with on social media. One of their representatives, Pearl Sequeira, contacted me and offered to help promote the organization because Task Papa was sympathetic to the cause. Pearl instantly became a big part of CWL as she constantly supported our social media efforts and helped us raise a decent amount of awareness in a relatively short period of time.

Pearl and I eventually went over the many services that Task Papa offers and I decided to give them a try on some IT development projects that I had some trouble with. I was pleasantly surprised when they were able to offer real solutions within days of my request. I decided to work with them on implanting the IT solution into my project. The results have been amazing every time and I am ahead of schedule on my project, which I hope to accomplish in a few months.

I referred Task Papa to a few friends of mine and they have been consistently turning out great results on every project that they take on. I have friends that use them for financial paperwork and accounting. I have friends that have used them for print marketing and website design. It seems to me that My experience has been that Task Papa truly does have an expert in every field of business, or at least has the resources to hire the right expert for a customer’s particular needs.

I am pretty sure that Task Papa can help any professional or homeowner in the United States accomplish any task that doesn’t require an actual physical presence faster and cheaper than any other solution out there. Task Papa can do it faster and cheaper, but the best part has to be the amazing results and excellent level of customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Task Papa is great at finding out what the exact needs and expectations of a merchant are in regards to a particular project and exceeding them. Task Papa is so confident in their ability to get projects done swiftly while providing quality communication and service that they offer guaranteed work and a free trial period.

Extra benefits to hiring Task Papa to accomplish your task and finish your projects include no additional taxes, or workmen’s compensation not to mention the fact that you save money on office space, employee training, insurance, office space, and food while avoiding OSHA regulations altogether.

The virtual assistants at Task Papa are willing and extremely happy to take on the everyday essential tasks that come with running a business that most business owners with a limited amount of employees and money have time to do on their own. The virtual assistants at Task Papa work around your needs and your schedule and can provide service whenever you need it.

Task Papa can answer your business line when you’re sleeping, or away. Task Papa can schedule appointments, make sales calls, and wear whatever hat you need help with. Please feel free to contact me, or Task Papa directly should you have questions, or would like more information about hiring a Task officer to help with your virtual assistant needs. Thanks and have a great day!


Mike O’Connor The Service Professional Network