And the preparations for the Christmas begins!

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated on fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America. (November 27th, 2015 this year).

We all know why this festival is celebrated however let’s take it a step or two ahead. Let’s find out whom we can thank this Thanksgiving apart from the Almighty. Let’s take an opportunity to thank each and everyone who are around us or because of whom we exist directly or indirectly.

The list will surely differ from an individual to individual, however, lets icepack it to the most important things that make us.

  • Parents – You are part of them, they made you.

Life often gets busy. So busy that we don’t even get time to notice that its lunch time. In search of money and knowledge, we leave our home. Career becomes part of your goal point and you forget everything that exist because even 24 hours are less for you to work.

You forget your home, health, time and parents. Home, health and time don’t cry – parents do.

When was the last time you thanked them? Remember the time when you used to thank them as kids?

One of the early session of mannerism taught you how to thank your parents.

Unfortunately, we forgot that chapter.

Let’s remember it again. Say thanks to your parent for giving you their DNA and name. You are their reflection. Say thanks to them now, they are listening…they are waiting.

  • Health – You are what your health is.

It is often believed that you can accomplish anything if you are alive. If nothing physically then mentally. And that’s the good part about it. Peace resides in mind and a peaceful mind is a healthy mind.

Mind or body, it doesn’t matter, but an overall healthy life matters. Say thanks to your health now. It has designed you.

  • Education – Consider yourself lucky if you are able to read this blog. Millions of people around the world are not aware what the internet is all about. They don’t have access to the most beautiful thing on earth – Education.

Education makes you. Education decides what you can do now and in future. Education gives you vision. A staircase to your success is defined as Education.

Literally or just a knowledge without a certificate doesn’t matter. What matter is – are you educated enough to thank your education that sets you apart from many people around the world?

Say Yes!

  • Employer/Clients – Because money prospers in your pocket because of them.

They give you work. They are the reason because of whom you can confidently say – You have a career. They have made a huge contribution in your success.

If you are doing a job, business or a freelancer money has to keep rolling along with career. No career, no money. Clients and Employers are the people who decide to bet on us. They are bold enough to give us a try. A try that can change our life, a try that defines our future and a try for what we have waited for so long.

Say thanks to you, clients and bosses. They surely have a return gifts for you in future.

  • Friends – Because they know what you want, when you want and how you can get it.

What relaxes you after a long day? Maybe a beer.

Honestly, that’s true provided a beer will be strong enough to understand your emotions.

Luckily a friend does.

Had a bad day? Broke? Fought with a spouse? Or simply need someone to talk to – A friend is just a chat away to solve all your problems and to relax you.

Thank them instantly or else they will be the first one to do so.

The list is ever going and never ending. Have we missed on anyone or anything important? Let us know what we have missed.

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Whom would you like to thank this thanksgiving and why?

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