Be prepared to face the never ending stream of Business Puzzle


Be prepared to face the never-ending stream of Business puzzles. Ask any Businessman or an Entrepreneur and you will get to know that Business life is full of Puzzles. Puzzles that are inter-twined, difficult puzzles, puzzles that may never have a right solution, puzzles which may take the life out of him/her!

Entrepreneurship is opposite to what is ideally portrayed on Instagram pages. It’s not the Jets, Parties, Fame, Glamour, ever. But it surely is all about Hard work, perseverance, emotional breakdowns, stranded relationships, broken bank balances, deteriorating health, forever! But it’s all worth it for few who never give up and the ones who have their heart, mind, body, and soul fixated on their purpose. Ever wondered why only less than 10% of business start-ups survive? It is not as much about Business ideas or funding, as much for the passion, and never give up attitude under any circumstances. One needs a break but don’t bend arrogance (obviously in a subtle way!).

Few questions that are never answered or rather are never ticked off from the Puzzle list are multi-dimensional, like Technology, Finance, Business Growth, Business contacts, Nature, People, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Resources, et cetera. The list may be never-ending. Now this one is just the first dimension in the puzzle around your Business sustainability and growth.

The second dimension is about your Personal life. Things become extremely difficult when you are already surviving on the hand-to-mouth situation and decide to dive into the Entrepreneurship world. Managing personal financial liabilities, sparing enough time with family, looking after your children’s upbringing and planning for their future, looking after your parents, etc. Ensuring that you can spare enough time, money, and energy for important occasions becomes important while thinking about that pending sale at the back of the mind can be tedious at times.

The third dimension is your Social life. Ensuring that you are in touch with your close friends, guides, mentors, mentees, also is important. Whom would you approach when you need that pat on the back with enough motivation that everything will be alright. Where else would you find that opportunity to vent out the frustration that is building up knowing that your business is going nowhere and you are stretched between your Personal and Professional strings? Where else would you find the required guidance and possible reliable contacts that may help you to sign that vendor at cost-effective rates? And even that valuable advice on how and where you need to market your product, and whether to market at all?

The fourth and most important dimension is SELF. It’s become so very important to ensure that you maintain a stable head above your shoulders and keep your feet steady in juggling between your Personal, Professional, and Social life.

It’s you at the center of the other three circles and if this important part is shaken, it will have a long-lasting impact on the other three. You know that you need to maintain an effective balance between business stakeholders, family, and friends, and most importantly yourself. You would be able to maintain this balance effectively by ensuring that you first take care of SELF on priority. A few of the effective ways you can build a strong YOU is by meditating, take care of your physical health by sparing some time in some form of physical activity (after all healthy mind thrives in a healthy body!), upgrade your knowledge, learn to forgive and forget (especially on matters which don’t matter in short term), read, play with children, and occasionally treat yourself with those spoilers you usually long for.

And most importantly cultivate the habit of delegating things that can always be taken care of by others. Remember, that fewer people in the room can breathe better, similarly, fewer assignments at hand can help keep your mind clutter-less and free and enable you to think more productively for your Personal, Professional, and Social Struggles.

We at Task Papa have built a team that not only understands how important is it to sympathize but also is well equipped with resources to handle almost anything that does not require physical presence. Our Vision at Task Papa is to empower people around the world with resources that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals in a timely fashion. We have always strived in building a culture that ignites the passion to help people in every facet of their life, by utilizing any possible resource, within the stipulated time, so that the tasks and goals are accomplished before they become obsolete. We would also like to take this opportunity to get up and thank every individual, group, or a business that make every effort to aid different people, group or businesses achieve their goals and ambitions indirect and/or indirect way, because, after all, there is no better service than service to mankind!

Good Luck and Stay blessed!